Africa's Future

A Passion
For Africa

Emerging Energy Corp. is an investment firm dedicated to creating growth in the African energy sector and related infrastructure.

We aim to build local capacity, create well-paid jobs, attract foreign partners, diversify the economies in which we operate and deliver market-leading returns to our investors.

Capitalizing on Industry expertise

Our investment firm focuses on investing across the entire African energy value chain. Our African portfolio companies operate through many economic and energy price cycles and consistently demonstrate best practices for their industries.

We partner with exceptional management teams, where the combination of our capital and industry expertise can make a sustainable impact on the African continent.

With The Team

Emerging Energy Corp. proactively seeks to cooperate with companies and individuals, organizations, governmental institutions around the world that share our values.

To achieve our goals, Emerging Energy Corp. identifies promising businesses and provides the capital and strategic assistance they need to improve their performance. We work with management teams that combine extensive global knowledge with local insights and experience to find and evaluate potential opportunities.